International News Coverage of Barack Obama as A New President


Content-analyzed television newscasts in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Middle East during 2009 gave the new president more positive coverage than did US media. International news turned negative during the first half of 2010 but remained less negative than US news for most outlets. Positive international news coverage focused on Obama’s personality and his capacity to govern, while Middle East policies received largely negative comments. These findings demonstrate a president’s limited ability to “spin” international news and underscore key differences among domestic and international news outlets regarding coverage of a new US president.

Stephen J. Farnsworth: Associate Professor of Communication, George Mason University 

S. Robert Lichter: Department of Communication, George Mason University

President, Center for Media and Public Affairs

Roland Schatz: CEO, Media Tenor International

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Farnsworth, Stephen J., Lichter, S. Robert, Schatz, Roland. 2010. “International News Coverage of Barack Obama as A New President,” Electronic Media & Politics, 1 (2): 27-45.