2012’s New New Media Landscape

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Politico discusses what has changed in new media between 2008 and 2012.

In 2008, the Obama team maintained remarkable discipline over the free-floating new media by making Obama’s own website the central social network for supporters, executing hostile takeovers of “unofficial” Obama social media pages and taking full advantage of the one-way medium of email. In 2012, however, the Obama campaign and his Republican rivals will have to grapple with the reality that the entire new media world has shifted again. Email and blogs have been declared passé. Meanwhile, raucous social media platforms and carefully-controlled iPad apps are splitting up the new terrain. And total control by any campaign may be a relic of the past.

The nascent Obama campaign responded to some of these changes by relaunching launching their flagship website, barackobama.com (or MyBo.com, as it is sometimes known), on Monday in tandem with their campaign rollout. The page is a slick, simple website complete with deep Twitter and Facebook integration.

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Photo by: The White House