Social Media Help Fuel Protests After New York Officer Not Indicted Over Death of Eric Garner

About 150 demonstrators congregated in Times Square, in a fenced-off area near the police department's outpost on 42nd Street. Small groups of police kept watch over the protest, while thousands of tourists continued to stream through the area. Some stopped to watch the commotion, though other appeared oblivious or unconcerned. 


Social media helped rally people together. Several Web pages on Facebook and Tumblr popped up calling for protests in cities around the country, from Westlake Center mall in Seattle to the downtown Underground Atlanta shopping center. Around 100 people protested peacefully in Atlanta's Midtown Wednesday night, chanting "No Justice, No Peace," and other slogans. 


Hashtags have become a centerpiece of activism on social media, helping bring attention to major events while enabling protesters to direct large groups of people to specific demonstrations. 

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