The Future of Journalism & Politics

By Angela Hart

On December 9, 2015, Georgetown University’s Communication, Culture, and Technology graduate program hosted a panel on “The Future of Journalism and Politics.”

Andy Carvin, Editor-in-Chief and founder of and Amber Phillips, Staff Writer for The Fix at The Washington Post each spoke about their careers and important stories they covered over the years. The panel was moderated by Georgetown University CCT Professor Kimberly Meltzer and Monash University in Australia Professor Stephanie Brookes.

Carvin spoke about his time at NPR, developing social networks, and the Arab Spring. After years of cultivating numerous resources, Carvin is able to communicate with people all around the world via Twitter to inquire about the accuracy of information being reported on. Due to the evolving nature of journalism, Carvin and his team are comprised of people who are not just journalists, but technology experts and people of varying backgrounds.

Phillips noted her non-traditional journalistic background and her gradual involvement writing for her local newspaper. After doing freelance work in Taiwan and reporting in Boston, Phillips found a writing home with The Fix.

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