Who Follows Whom?

There have been a lot of penis jokes this week, thanks to Congressman Anthony Weiner, both because of his name and for the photo that was released via his twitter account.

But as “The Reliable Source” points out, one of the questions that journalists and politicians should be asking themselves is who is the right person to follow?

“Why was the prominent New York Democrat “following” the college student the photo was targeted to — or any of the similarly young, unfamous women on his relatively short “follow” list?”

As any teenager knows, the easiest way to gain followers is to follow others. Even on private Twitter accounts, those that you follow are public knowledge. If you look at President Obama’s account, he has over eight million followers and in turn is following over 600,000 probably starting from his days as a Senator.

Politicians are afforded a brief glimpse of doubt from journalists because their Twitter accounts are often handled by young staffers. However Weiner-Gate undoubtedly created a wake-up call ahead of the 2012 elections on how Twitter should be properly used by politicians.