Pew’s 2010 News Media Index Data Available

The Project For Excellence in Journalism has Released Raw Data Sets Analyzing over 48 News Outlets in 2010

These new data sets are a valuable resource for scholars and practitioners alike in studying the trending topics across a wide array of political news media outlets.

The Project for Excellence in Journalism’s News Coverage Index is, we believe, the largest effort ever to measure and analyze the American news media on a continuing basis.

The Index examines more than four dozen news outlets in real time to determine what is being covered and what is not—a broad sense of the American news agenda. The findings are then released in a weekly report that features an Index of the top stories, a narrative analyzing the twists, turns, and trajectory of the coverage, and a breakdown of the differences among media sectors.

The initiative is an attempt to provide an empirical basis for cataloguing and understanding what a wide swath of media offer the American public at a time of growing debate about the press’ influence, standards and economic foundation.


PEJ's Paul Hitlin explains the goals and methodology of the News Index: