Huntsman: What a Week!

Jon Huntsman’s wife, Mary Kaye Huntsman, just sent this e-mail to supporters:

Wow - what a big first week we have had!
From Liberty State Park to New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida to Nevada— we've met real people and answered real questions. Over the past seven days we have begun the conversations that need to take place to get this country back on track.
No loud voices, no mud-slinging. Just common sense, conservative solutions to the tough problems we are faced with today.
And people are listening!
Now, I want to share highlights from a very historic first week in a special video.

Week One from Jon 2012 on Vimeo.

The only words used in the video are the names of places Huntsman visited in his first week as a presidential candidate.  The video continues the recent trend of GOP videos that lack any substantive policies or campaign messages.  While images of Americana are visually compelling, its still not clear what these videos are meant to accomplish.