A Tale of Two GOP Videos

Tim Pawlenty continues to release highly produced internet-only videos.  Today’s video is a behind the scenes look at Pawlenty’s announcement.  The clip includes DTC testimonials by Pawlenty’s supporters, media coverage around the event and clips from Pawlenty’s announcement.  The video continues the trend of low angle glamour shots, sweeping inspirational music and lens flares.  Pawlenty’s videos are not yet being viewed by a large number of people, so it is curious why the campaign is continuing to over-produce these videos.

Herman Cain on the other hand released a video entitled “The Herman Cain Train Music Video.”  It is not clear whether the video is meant to be humorous, but it certainly has its moments.  No one will be accusing Cain of over-producing his video.  Perhaps Cain’s campaign hopes this video goes viral.  Best cameo: Joe the Plumber.