Reporters and editors are mining the anonymous social media app, Whisper, for tips on news stories. 

The Not-So-Secret Side of Anonymous Confession Apps

As fear mounts in the United States over Ebola, the Obama administration and the CDC struggle to control the media narrative of the outbreak. 

Health officials struggle to control the media narrative about Ebola

As digital campaign advertising becomes increasingly targeted, political ad-buyers are finding that, similar to television, premium advertising space online is limited.  


Campaigns Find Ad Space Finite, Even on the Web

Research indicates that campaign donors are more likely to support the Internet's political underdog. 

New research shows the Internet loves a political underdog

How the Islamic State's social media campaign can be used against them. 

We shouldn’t stop terrorists from tweeting

Dataminr releases a new service for news organizations. The software, Dataminr for News, allows journalists to dig through social media outlets such as Twittter and YouTube to identify breaking stories. 

Tool Called Dataminr Hunts for News in the Din of Twitter

With the goal of removing obstacles that might discourage citizens from voting, Google integrates details on how voters go about voting in its search results.

Google integrates location-aware voter ID requirements into its search results

Investigating Investigative Journalism

The Daily Show's John Oliver uses satire to point out the disappearance of investigative journalism. 

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Research: Event-Driven Environmental News in the U.S. and Canada

Research: Event-Driven Environmental News in the U.S. and Canada

Published on Nov 15 by

Dr. Stuart Soroka

Professor Stuart Soroka and Andrea Lawlor of McGill University, along with Lori Young of the University of Pennsylvania, and Professor Stephen Farnsworth of the University of Mary Washington investigate the trajectory of environmental news in both the U.S. and Canadian media. Especially relevant in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, this research article explains how environmental news is event-driven in the two countries - and describes what the policy implications for such a news cycle might be.

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