The New York Times website was unavailable for the second time this month last week, reportedly due to an external cyberattack. 

Times Site Is Disrupted in Attack by Hackers

Al Jazeera America debuted on Tuesday, giving the news corporation its long-desired foothold in the American market.

Al Jazeera America Debuts

New companies have a goal of nurturing democracy in the digital age by connecting candidates and voters.

Digital Tools for Democracy

Fabio Rojas argues that the new world of digital democracy provides enough accurate polling data to undermine the campaign industry.

How Twitter can predict an election

NSA cites the capture of a terrorist supporter as an example of the necessity of the program surveillance program. Other groups maintain that the widespread surveillance is unnecessary. 

Terrorist Prosecution Draws Attention to NSA Phone Database

Alec Hopkins takes us across the Atlantic and back in time to explain how Margaret Thatcher decisively dealt with the PIRA's media strategies in the 80s. 

Media for Terrorist Strategy: PIRA’s Strategic Media Exploitation during Margaret Thatcher’s Reign

The media is guessing what Jeff Bezos could want with the capitol newspaper.

Why Bezos Bought the Post

Investigating Investigative Journalism

The Daily Show's John Oliver uses satire to point out the disappearance of investigative journalism. 

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Research: Event-Driven Environmental News in the U.S. and Canada

Research: Event-Driven Environmental News in the U.S. and Canada

Published on Nov 15 by

Dr. Stuart Soroka

Professor Stuart Soroka and Andrea Lawlor of McGill University, along with Lori Young of the University of Pennsylvania, and Professor Stephen Farnsworth of the University of Mary Washington investigate the trajectory of environmental news in both the U.S. and Canadian media. Especially relevant in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, this research article explains how environmental news is event-driven in the two countries - and describes what the policy implications for such a news cycle might be.

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